5 Terms and Definitions (Normative)

The terms listed in Table 1 are used as defined throughout this specification.

Table 1: Terms and Definitions

Term Definition
Business Identifier See Participant Identifier.
Data Format A machine-readable language, syntax or dialect used to present the Information Elements contained in an electronic Document (for example, an eInvoice).
Digital Capability Locator A service for looking up the location of the Digital Capability Publisher for a Participant.
Digital Capability Publisher A service for Buyers and Suppliers to store details of their capabilities, and includes what scenarios they can process, the data formats they support and the delivery address for their eInvoices.
Digital Capability Publisher Provider Digital Capability Publisher Provider means the service provider of the Digital Capability Publisher services to a Client.
Distribution Package A packaged file that contains the technical artefacts to support conformant implementation of the DBC AS4 Profile.
eInvoice An Invoice that has been created transmitted and received in a structured electronic format that allows for its Information Elements to be automatically processed by business applications. The eInvoice structure is also applicable to a Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI), Credit Note or Adjustment Note.
eInvoicing The set of processes required to exchange eInvoices.
Identification Scheme The collection of Identifiers applicable for a given type of Information Element governed under a common set of rules.
Identifier A character string used to establish the identity of, and distinguish uniquely, one instance of an object within an Identification Scheme from all other objects within the same scheme. An Identifier may be a word, number, letter, symbol, or any combination of those.
Information Element A semantic concept that can be defined independent of any particular data format.
Normative Sections of a document conveying criteria to be fulfilled if compliance with the document is to be claimed and from which no deviation is permitted.
Participant Council Accredited Access Point Providers, Digital Capability Publisher and Digital Capability Locator services and the businesses, organisations and other entities who have adopted the Framework.
Participant Identifier An identifier for a participant.
Profile A conformant subset of a standard specification.
Schema A World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recommendation that specifies how to formally describe the XML Elements in an XML Document.
Service An application able to process specific document types for specific business transactions.
Service Interface A software interface to support a Service.